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What Is Mojo Wisdom?

Frank Kern is an online marketing expert. He’s funny, irreverent, and doesn’t suffer fools politely.
He takes what can be a very dull subject and makes it fun and entertaining. Plus he’s really, really good at marketing.

Now I’ve never met Frank. I only know him from his courses, videos and emails.

A few years ago Frank sent out an email to his big list of fans and knowledge seekers with the subject line “I Believe In You.” The email didn’t sell anything nor did it teach any marketing knowledge. There wasn’t even a link in the email.

The email told the story about how Frank’s late grandfather use to tell him that he could do anything that he wanted to if he worked hard and put his mind to it. And every time he told Frank this he would add, “I believe in you.”

Frank attributes his grandfathers faith in him and his encouraging words to helping Frank get through many, many difficult and challenges times in his life. Franks says that those words were directly responsible for some of the success that he experienced.

At the end of the email, after he told the story of his grandfather, he wrote, “I just want you to know – in case you don’t ever hear this from anyone like I got to hear it – that I believe in you, and you can do it, and hang in there.”

As I said before, I don’t really know Frank (or at least he doesn’t know me) but that he took the time to write to a bunch of total strangers just to tell them that they are worthy and incredible human beings meant a lot to me. So many of the emails I get (and maybe this is your experience too) are sales letters wanting me to buy one more thing that will “improve” my life.

Yet one of the best emails I’ve ever received (that actually helped improve my life) was from a total stranger who told me that he believes in me – and it was all for free. (By the way you can find out more about Frank at

This message from Frank was instrumental in me wanting to create a weekly email that could hopefully touch other people’s lives the same way Frank touched my life.

But what to email people? Well, for many years I’ve been collecting quotes that have inspired me. So I decided to send out my favorites and write a little something about what they mean to me. Hopefully, I can inspire and encourage others just like Frank inspired and encouraged me.

Now I just have to find a name.

The word “mojo” has had a varied career over the years. Jim Morrison, Muddy Waters and Austin Powers have put it to good use, and it’s meaning ranges from sex appeal, personal power, and influence, to putting a voodoo spell on somebody.

To me, though, it’s always meant “life, energy and vitality.” So this project was christened Mojo Wisdom.

Symbole GitanThe logo is a necklace I came across in Southern France. It’s the Symbole Gitan, a symbol of the Romani people (derogatorily known as “Gypsies”).

The Romani people have been searching and wandering for a 1000 years. Originally from the Rajasthan region of India, they traveled through Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and into Central and Eastern Europe. And while I personally haven’t been searching or wandering for that long I feel a certain affinity to them as I’ve been seeking and roaming (at least internally) for years myself and I have definitely felt out of place for a good many years of my life.

The symbol is of the man who carries the rainbow. He protects people from evil and brings happiness to the wearer. A rainbow man who protects against evil and spreads happiness. Very cool!

As far as the slogan, Metamorphosis Be With You, I saw that on a bumper sticker years and years ago. I thought it was kind of funny and clever and have been saying it to people ever since. Since I’ve been looking for ways to achieve transformation in my own life and I love Master Yoda, it seemed fitting to use it for Mojo Wisdom.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy Mojo Wisdom and as always: Stay Amazing!!!