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The Road To Greatness


Inspiration of the Day

“Great work is done by people who
are not afraid to be great.”

Fernando Flores
Chilean engineer, entrepreneur politician,
and author of Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life

So Now What?

Do you hold yourself back because of what others may think? Do you keep yourself small because you don’t want to out shine your family, friends or co-workers?

The biggest obstacle you encounter to greatness is yourself. Fear of the negative, hateful things others might think and say of you if you go big and succeed can leave you stuck.

This habit of playing small hurts not only yourself but those in the world who NEED what you have to offer. And you do have some incredible things to offer.

Now getting into the spotlight and shining will more than likely put you outside of your comfort zone, which of course makes you uncomfortable. To get comfortable at being great you will need to surround yourself with other people who are willing to step up and shine.

In other words, if you’re surrounding yourself with people who think small then that’s probably keeping you small.

Fear of shining is a real threat to you and this world. Someone out there is hurting and you can help but only if you’re willing to share the awesome potential that is within you.

So get shiny!

Stay Amazing!!!


Craig In Sedona