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The Reason Most People Fail


Inspiration of the Day

“Everything looks like a failure in the middle. You can’t bake a cake without getting the kitchen messy. Halfway through surgery it looks like there’s been a murder in the operating room….

“So often in life it seems things first get worse on the way toward getting better. Be prepared for that sort of development. Problems belong in the process of success.

“They are a part of the equation that produces success. They are not proof that your ambitions are futile or that you should give up.”

Price Pritchett
author of YOU2

So Now What?

The reason most people fail to reach their dreams is because they give up. They get overwhelmed by the issues, circumstances, challenges and problems that inevitably (spelling mistake, check online) crop up while they make their way toward their dream.

Yes, sometimes, and maybe even most times, challenges show up on your way to your goals. But delays, mishaps and problems are not the Universe saying “no” to the life you want.

You’re just getting a piece of knowledge or training that you’ll need to attain your dream. By accepting the challenges and not giving up you are training and growing into the person you want to become.

If you’re training to get a black belt in martial arts you’re going to have to be thrown to the ground — a lot — in order to attain that mastery.

Same with your goals and dreams.

Look, just because something doesn’t go right, the first, second, or twentieth time you attempt it, doesn’t make you or the process a failure. Your problem isn’t that you fail, it’s that you’re not failing enough.

Apollo 11, the rocket that carried the first astronauts to the moon, was off course 97% of the time! They failed their way to the moon. They were constantly compensating and over-compensating for the hundreds of variables of space travel.

They didn’t see that they were constantly off course and then quit 10 miles up. They were continually making mistakes and fixing them, correct and continue, all the way to the moon. They landed at their chosen destination AND returned to Earth, even though they only had a 3% success rate.

Do you realize how liberating that is?

You can be on course only 3% of the time and still reach your dream! Problems will always be part of the blueprint that produces your results. Rarely is there triumph without complications.

If you’re not getting where you want to go, then maybe you need to step up your fail rate. This is where a supportive mastermind group comes in real handy. A group of people who can encourage and advise you during the rough times.

You may have heard the old saying: Everything works out in the end. If things are not alright right now then that just means it’s not the end yet.

Stay Amazing!!!


Craig In Sedona